Signing up

These articles are aimed at helping you sign up to Zluri.

Signing Up

  • Introduction

    Zluri is an enterprise SaaS Management Platform enabling organisations to discover, manage, optimise, secure and automate their SaaS stack from a single dashboard. This document covers the primary use cases of Zluri and is a guide to using the platform to achieve your organisational goals with Zluri.

    Zluri can help you achieve the following objectives.

    • Application Management

    • Contract, License and Vendor Management

    • Optimization

    • Spend Management and Budgeting

    • Security, Reporting and Audit

    • Automation

    If you have any of the above as your objective, Implementing Zluri is the best decision you have taken. Here we guide you through setting up Zluri to get the best out of it.

  • Overview

    Currently, most SaaS management platforms offer the opportunity to manage their apps and licenses only from an admin's perspective. The employees in the company do not have any means to look at the overview of the apps they are using or do not have an opportunity to request appropriate licenses according to the recommendations provided by the SaaS management platforms.   


    To provide a seamless employee experience, Zluri has developed a new feature - The employee app store, which will resolve the needs of an employee.

  • Getting an Invite Code

    You'll need an invite code to sign up for Zluri. You can request a code from our website by visiting or contacting the Account Executive to share the invite code.

    To receive an invite code, visit and enter your email address. 

    Once you enter the email address, you'll be redirected to another page where you have to fill out some basic information about your organization.

    After filling in the required information, you'll receive an email from a Zluri account executive with an invite code. 

    You can follow the instructions below to sign up.

  • Sign up and Sign in flow

    Please go through the steps for the new sign-up and sign-in flow.

    Sign up

    1. Access to sign up.

    2. Enter your email address and invite code. 


    • Zluri dynamically checks the credentials entered and if not valid, shows an error. 

      If both the email and invite code are valid and no previous account exists for the email ID, Zluri will prompt you to create an account and redirect you to the current sign-up flow.

      3. If the email ID already exists in another account,  you will be redirected to log in using the existing email ID and password.

      Upon successful login, you will be able to create another account.


      • Please visit to login.
        Next, you will be directed to enter your email address.
        2. Enter your email address and click Continue.

      • Upon submitting your email address, Zluri checks if the email address is part of multiple accounts.
      • If your email is part of a single account, you will be redirected  to enter your Zluri login password or login with your Google account or a SSO login page if your organization has SSO login enabled.

    3. If the email address is present in multiple accounts, you will be redirected to enter your organization slug. 
    Please find more information on the organization slug in the FAQ section.

    4. Once you enter the valid organization slug, you will be redirected to enter your password or login with your Google account or to the SSO login page if the organization has SSO login enabled. 

    Next, you will be redirected to the overview of page of the correct organization (The organization whose slug was entered).

    What is an organization slug?

    The organization slug is a unique alphanumeric string for your organization enabling us to uniquely identify your account. This domain is derived from the domain part of your email address. 

    For example, if your organization name is ‘’, your organization slug will be ‘zluri’.

    How is the organization slug created and where can I find it?

    The organization slug is created automatically within Zluri when you sign up with your email domain. Once you login, you can find this on the Organization Settings page. If you do not have your organization slug while signing in, please reach out to your Zluri Customer Success Manager (CSM).

    How can I change my organization slug?

    To change your organization slug, please contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM).

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Signing up

These articles are aimed at helping you sign up to Zluri.