These articles will help you view & manage departments & their budgets.


  • Overview

    Clicking on a department will load its page, displaying the following details.

    • Number of users in the department & change in the number of users from the last month

    • the Total number of apps used in the current month & change in the number of apps used compared to the previous month as identified per the login data from the SSO source

    • Average monthly spend associated with the department for all the apps used by all the users in all months in the current financial year & change in spend compared to the previous month.

    • Total spending out of the allocated budget for the department for the financial year.

    • Head of the department

    • Budget remaining

    • Date when the department was added

    • Spends allocated to various apps across months

    • Usage percentage for various apps across months

    The Applications tab lists the applications used by the users in the department, the spend allocated to that particular application, the number of users using the app in the department, the specified SSO source & status of the application.

    The ‘Users’ tab lists the users in the department, their names, email, designation, number of apps used, average monthly spend allocated to them & status.

    Adding filters

    You can add filters to customize the table displaying the department information when you click on the Departments module in the dashboard. To add a filter, click on the Filter button as shown above and click on the Add Filter button.

    You can add the type of filters as shown above:

    • Archive

    • Active Department Users

    • Budget Spent

    • Cost

    • Total Department Users

    • Apps Used

    • Budget Allocated

    • Department Id

    • Department Name

    • Head

  • Changing Page Layout

    You can change the layout of the page by customizing the columns available in the Departments table. To do so, simply click on the other Columns button next to the Filter button.

  • Export Data,

    You can obtain an offline copy of the report in the Departments module by clicking on the Export Data button in the top right section. This will take you to the Export Data menu as shown below:

    From the above menu, you can:

    • Choose the fields you want in the report.

    • Select the type of Departments (All, Selected or Filtered)

    • Choose to schedule the downloading of the report. (One-time or recurring).

    Once done, click on the Start Export button and the report will be sent via mail. The following screen appears:

    You can also directly download the report to your local device by clicking on the Download CSV button in the top widget as shown above.

    Note: Export data provides output in.csv format only.

  • Bulk Edit

    As the name suggests, the bulk edit option allows you to apply edits on one or multiple fields in the Departments table. It is disabled by default. Click on any of the checkboxes on the left of any field, and the Bulk edit button will be enabled at the top of the table, as shown above.

    Under the bulk edit option, you can make two major changes:

    • Change head of department

    • Archive/Unarchive Department

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These articles will help you view & manage departments & their budgets.