• Reports

    Zluri offers you the feature to generate reports on all the modules based on various categories like apps, number of users, departments etc. This feature helps generate offline copies of the data available on the Zluri Dashboard. The standard format for these reports is .csv type. 

    In general, Zluri allows you to schedule reports to be produced at a specified date, or you can choose to generate the report immediately within a few minutes.

  • Scheduled Reports

    For all categories of reports available in the Reports module of the Zluri dashboard, you can choose to generate reports at a given date. To do so, select a category for which you wish to generate a report and click on the Generate report link in the description window of the module.

    From the window that opens, click on the small button with the clock face next to the Generate Report button to open the Schedule Report menu.

    You can choose the following options from the Schedule Report menu:

    1. You can choose the One-time or Recurring option from the Schedule report menu based on whether you want to schedule a one-time or recurring report. 

    2. If you choose the One-time option, you can select the date on which the report must be generated and click on the Schedule button. This will provide you with the latest report (sent to your email) on the specified date.

    1. If you choose the Recurring option, you can set the number of days after which the report will be generated to your email on a frequent interval basis.

    1. In both cases, you get the option to add Additional Emails, which can be used to send reports to more email addresses in addition to your default email ID.

    Note: To view the reports currently scheduled to be generated, go to the Reports module and select the Scheduled Reports tab on the top to view the list of reports to be generated.

  • Types Of Reports

    For non-scheduled reports, users can generate reports and have them delivered instantly to their mail ID. Click on the Generate Now button and the Generate Report button in any of the categories listed in the Reports section. 

    The following types of reports can be generated based on categories as described below:

  • All Reports

    This generally provides detailed information on all modules for all apps associated with the Zluri Dashboard. This section lists the categories of all other types of reports (which will be discussed below).

  • Organisation Data

    This type mainly deals with categories of reports that provide organization-based details. It consists of 4 categories: 

    • List Of Apps: This report contains the list of all SaaS applications along with their metadata information like Name, Owner, Category of the application etc.

    • List of Users: This report contains details about an employee(User Name, Department, Email ID, Number of Apps used)

    • List of Departments: This report contains the details regarding department information(Department Name, Head of the Department, Total Users, Spending and applications used)

    • List of Transactions: This report contains the transaction details( Transaction date, Description, Application name, and Payment method). You can filter the data based on month, application name & payment method.

  • Workable Insights

    This type is used to generate reports that provide insights on Apps, users, departments and their attributes like security & compliance, License information etc. It consists of 14 main categories:

    • List of Inactive Users: This report contains details about the inactive users, their email IDs, and the date since they have been inactive. You can filter the data based on week, month and Year.

    • List of Restricted Apps: This report contains the names of restricted applications in the organisation along with Metadata(App Name, Number of users)

    • List of Apps that need review: This report contains the list of application that needs to be reviewed along with the metadata(App Name Number of users)

    • List of Archived Apps: This report contains the list of Archived Applications along with the metadata(App Name, Number of users)

    • List of Archived Users: This report contains the list of Archived Users along with the metadata(User Name, Number of Applications used)

    • License Optimization Report: This report helps you optimize your software licenses by providing details about each license, to whom it is assigned, when he last used it & average usage percentage.

    • User Activity Report: This report helps you query the list of users who have not used an application since a particular day.

    • Optimization Summary: This report summarises your license optimisation possibilities for all applications.

    • Security & Compliance: This report gives you the risk score, threat score, security probe score and compliance details of each SaaS application used in your organisation.

    • Inactive Owners Report: This report contains the list of application owners who have left the organization or are marked inactive.

    • Department-wise spending: This report provides each department's monthly chargeback on application spending.

    • User Wise Cost: This report provides the month-wise cost attributed to each user for all the assigned licenses.

    • Application-wise cost: This report provides month-wise amortized cost for all applications for which contracts are added.

    • Department-wise cost: This report provides month-wise amortised cost for each department based on licenses used by departments.
  • Spend Reports

    This type generates reports based on organizational costs i.e. department budget, spends and expenses etc. 2 categories are listed here:

    • Department wise Budget: This report gives the spend analysis Department wise along with the metadata( Department Name, Budget, Spend). You can filter the data based on Department Name, Budget value, Month and Financial Year

    • App wise Monthly Spend

    This report contains details about the application-wise spending method of the Organization per month. You can filter the data based on Month, Financial Year

  • Usage Reports

    This type provides a report on app usage and has only 1 major category - 

    Redundant Apps: This report gives the list of redundant applications along with the number of users using them & total spending. 

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