These articles explain how to view & upload transactions & map those to applications.

  • When you implement Zluri, one of the first steps is to set up your default currency. 
    This default currency is the bottom line to represent all the data for spends and costs in Zluri. 

    Every payment in any other currency will be converted to this default currency selected at onboarding. 

    Zluri uses a trusted API source with currency conversion metrics derived from multiple banks and European Central Bank. 

    This API has stored 20 years of historical data; thus, we can easily convert past data. This system adds historical exchange rates for the day in real time. 

    To convert the currency, Zluri requires:
    Currency From -> Currency To. Both are three-letter currency codes, called ISO codes, that denote the currency. For example - USD, GBP, INR, etc.

    • Currency From - The currency which requires to be converted. 

    • Currency To - The currency which is converted into after getting the data. It is the default currency Zluri asks to enter while implementing.

    • Date - This helps identify the currency conversion rates on the day of the transaction. 

    • Amount - Amount to be converted. 

    This is all the data points needed to convert any currency from GBP, USD, to the currency to(default currency).

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