These articles will help you view & manage departments & their budgets.

  • The Avg. monthly spend is calculated by dividing the total spend over the months.

    The departmental level spending is calculated using a usage-based split of the total spend.

    Shortly, we will be launching a feature to split the total spending on a departmental level based on the following:

    • Total number of licenses assigned

    • Total number of active users

    • Usage

    • Manually

    This would give the users autonomy to get accurate department-level spending.

  • The average monthly cost is calculated based on the number of contracts.

    The number of licenses (available under a contract) assigned to users from a department is considered while calculating the average monthly cost for that department.

  • Zluri offers the provision to collect the department information from multiple sources like the SSO (Single Sign On), the HRM system or manually by sharing the department information in a CSV format. The primary source for fetching department information can be changed on Zluri on:

    Settings -> Your Organization -> Primary Source -> Departments

  • To add the budget for a specific department, Click on the department tab on Zluri, choose the department you want to add the budget for and then select the edit option.

    If you want to add a new department, click on the “ add “ option shown under department and add a new department along with the budget.

  • Spending per user is calculated based on the chargeback settings, which can be set up for each application within the application overview. You can select the appropriate chargeback setting based on whether the spend needs to be attributed only to licensed users, all active users, or in a custom manner. In such cases, all mapped transactions for the application get distributed across the users proportionately.

    For department-wise spending, the spend per user per month is aggregated and displayed.

  • When spending are attributed to departments, it is taken to be the budget if it is not set manually.

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